The CLARA Plan is to build the world’s most liveable, sustainable, and connected cities in Victoria and New South Wales and connect them by a world-class high-speed rail.

Why do we need the CLARA plan?

‘Cities are home to more than half of the world’s population, and they are expected to add another 2.5 billion new residents by 2050. They face increasing environmental pressures and infrastructure needs—and growing demands from residents to deliver a better quality of life and to do so at a sustainable cost.’ 

McKinsey & Company, June 2018

‘Australia’s growth is equivalent to introducing a new city the size of Canberra, every year, for the next 30 years!’

Mark McCrindle

Australia’s population is growing, and it’s growing at pace! Today, Australia is home to a population of 25.7 million. By 2048 the population will have grown to 40 million, this is a further 14.3 million people needing a home over the next 28 years!

How do we manage population growth and urbanisation?

As we look into the future and the way the world’s population will grow, we see that we’re moving to a more urbanised environment. With this shift to urbanisation we, as a global community,  have to make choice, do we:

  1. Continue to accommodate growth and urbanisation using suburban sprawl, which adds to travel times, lack of affordable housing, congestion and overcrowding? OR;
  2. Look to grow and develop more liveable, sustainable and connected smart cities?

CLARA has a vision for a generational change to the way Australia, and the world continues to manage growth and urbanisation.

Join us

CLARA has a bold vision, a world-leading team of professionals and the plan needed to re-balance the Australian settlement and re-imagine Australian cities.

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