Automated vacuum waste collection (AVAC)

CLARA has investigated an automated vacuum waste collection (AVAC) system which is also known as pneumatic waste collection. This system transports waste at high speed through underground vacuum pipelines to a collection station, where it is compacted and sealed in containers. When the container is full, it is transported away and emptied. The system helps facilitate the separation and recycling of waste. AVAC systems are suitable for both residential and commercial municipal waste.

Environmental benefits

AVAC systems have considerable environmental benefits. The system removes waste collection vehicles from the urban environment, reducing their impact on road networks and traffic, and reducing fuel usage, emissions and accidents. The inlets cannot overflow which avoids unsightly and smelly piles of waste, and these systems have been shown to encourage users to recycle more efficiently

High adoption rates

The use of AVAC waste collection systems in new development areas is rising, particularly in Scandinavia and in Asia, where South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong are leading the way in implementing this type of technology. These systems are also being adopted in new development areas in the Middle East.

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