Benefits to Regional Australia

Australia is home to a magnificent inland of breathtaking landscapes.

CLARA’s plan to build newly liveable, sustainable and connected smart cities will redistribute vital economic and social development to regional areas. This redistribution will take the pressure off the metropolitan and urban centres. CLARA will do this in a manner designed for long term economic, environmental, and social sustainability for the regions.

What are the benefits to each region?

There are many benefits of the CLARA plan, these include:

  • More employment in the regions
  • Sustainable workforces for industry and businesses
  • Access to high-quality healthcare
  • Reversing the flow of younger people from regional areas
  • Increase in education choices
  • Connection by High-Speed Rail back to major CBD’s
  • A living lab within a unique, greenfield environment, with a substantial population, to test technologies at scale without the constraints of retrofitting into existing urban form,  infrastructure or service models.
  • A city that is environmentally friendly, using circular economy principles and implementing closed-loop infrastructure in water, waste, constructibility and more
  • Development of a smart city that achieves 14 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Join us

CLARA has a bold vision, a world-leading team of professionals and the plan needed to re-balance the Australian settlement and re-imagine Australian cities.

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