Our Vision

CLARA’s vision is to build the world’s most liveable, sustainable and connected cities.

A vision for a generational change to the way Australia, and the world, continues to manage growth and urbanisation.

CLARA will deliver new ways of planning and building cities, transport and infrastructure. CLARA is designing cities for people, not cars. By going ‘back to the future’, we are returning to a tried and tested model for urban life and transport, one that centres around active, inclusive and connected communities.

It is time for Australia, and the world, to change. We must begin to use all we have in the knowledge and technology space to better people’s lives. People deserve to live, work, learn and play in more liveable, more sustainable and more connected cities.

Our Mission

CLARA’s mission is to build new liveable, sustainable and connected smart cities in Victoria and New South Wales and connect them by High Speed Rail.

CLARA has a plan that is a visionary market led response to change the way Australians live, work, learn, and play. By leveraging Australia’s sustained population growth, these are Australia’s cities of the future.

Join us

CLARA has a bold vision, a world-leading team of professionals and the plan needed to re-balance the Australian settlement and re-imagine Australian cities.

We invite you to join us in our plan to help build the next chapter in the Australian story- one built on the value of our people and the innovation-driving revolution in our cities and infrastructure development. Enter your email to join our mailing list.